Top five phrases you hear in the entrepreneur world and their real meaning

April 28, 2015

Top five entrepreneurship phrasesPhrases you hear in the entrepreneur world and their real meaning

1. “We are going to be in break even in three months” means “we are not considering 90% of our costs”.

2. “We are unique because our algorithm…” means “we are unique, ok???, no more comments”.

3. “We have no competition” means “we are doing this because we like it, so we never spent 5 seconds to search on Google”. read more …

How to accelerate the flow of money in your company

April 24, 2015

Flow Sensors vs KPIsThe idea of Meta Analytics (Beyond Analytics) is showing a new way of understanding business, so we can measure them in a properly way facilitating a decision making process that brings companies closer to their business results.

The current method to measure performance is through KPIs or Key performance indicators. KPIs were helping us measure performance for several years and the feeling was always (at least in my case) that they are more useful for measuring the performance of áreas or departments from companies than for measuring the overall performance of the organization.

The Meta Analytics view of systems makes easier to understand why.

Let’s use a simple case to explain the difference. Let’s think about a company that has only three areas:

1. Digital marketing department:

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How converting you Startup into a Corporation and not die trying

April 21, 2015

Analytics from Startups to CorporationsIn my previous post I wrote about organization structures. One interesting thing about them is that Startups want to become big corporations, but more than 90% of them fail. Big corporations want to have “Entrepreneurial structures” but they normally fails in its implementation. Let’s try to understand this confusing behaviour pattern.

One of the organizations  structures that we’ve mentioned in the previous  post was the “Entrepreneurial Organization” that has a flat and simple structure were everything is relatively unstructured and informal making this type of organization fast, flexible and lean.

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