Is the Social Media Monitoring tools industry getting mature?

July 18, 2011

One of the indicators that shows that a particular vendor industry is getting mature is when the quantity of new solutions decreasing. This situation happens when the extraordinary benefits decreased at the point where the new players get troubles to earn money.

A month ago or so I received an email IDEYA (A Business and Marketing consultancy firm) with a report calle “Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services”.
The report is paid but they share some interesting in the Excerpts pdf or the report presentation.

Two interesting points:
1. The quantity of new solutions launched per year (by introduction date) is decreased in 2010 for the first time in 10 years (except for 2006). Actually in 2009, the year of the global financial and economic crisis, five new solutions where launched.

Social Media Analytics per year

2. The quantity of Paid Social Media Analytics solutions is four times higher than the free ones. This is probably because of the R&D constant investment required makes difficult the scenario for companies that don’t earn money with their solutions.


A&N Media makes first Latin American investment in Endeavor firm Socialmetrix

June 23, 2011

I’m glad to announce that the British Public Firm A&N Media had acquired a Minority stake in the business of Socialmetrix, company built by this amazing people and I.

The investment will directly finance the company’s international expansion, as well as an innovative and aggressive plan in product development.

All the Socialmetrix Team and I wanted to thanks Vivian Baring (Chairman of AN International Media), Gabriela Ruggeri and the rest of A&N Media’s team for trusting in our project and in us in particular for this investment.

For more information go to Endeavor Global site or to the Socialmetrix Blog.

Coremetrics acquired by IBM

June 18, 2010

Yesterday I was surprised with the news that IBM acquired Coremetrics. First, because IBM was not in my radar as one player interested in something like Web Analytics. Second because Coremetrics is a pretty solid platform with huge clients and they were working a lot during this last months in order to get some of the Web Analytics market that still pays for Web Analytics Solution. The Corporative market, mainly from publishers.

However, the deal is done, and this time I have no clue about what is gonna happen with this deal. The Financial aspects have not been announced but I assume it was a greaaaaaaaat deal. So congratulations to all the team for the deal, you  always worked to build a solid platform that help us (the analysts) to make our work even more interesting. Appreciate! I just hope IBM do it better than Microsoft with Gatineau…